Beginning of the Year Updates

It is almost time for the kids to be back in school and we look forward to a great year. I just wanted to mention a few things as we move towards the school year.

1) Next Thursday night is Meet the Teacher/Ice cream social night. For at least the past few years we have done this the night before school but with school starting on a Tuesday this year instead of a Wednesday or Thursday we didn’t feel like Monday night would work as well so that is why it has been moved up. Do to moving it up a few teachers cannot make it Thursday night but will be at the school Friday night if you would like to come in and meet them and get your child’s school-pak if you ordered one. I will update with what teachers this involves once I get that final list.

2) I have updated the PTO board list for the group and posted a calendar for the school year. The calendar is not finalized just yet it is almost complete.

3) Besides the post here you can get PTO updates form our Facebook group page and our twitter @ptocareyridge.

We look forward to this being a great year for the school, staff, and students.